Light & Shadow - The Best Sheer Gel Color Collection

Light & Shadow - 40 Sheer Gel Couleur Collection

Are you ready to find the perfect nude gel color? What about a season's worth of perfect nude gel colors? Because with the Aprés Light & Shadow Sheer Gel Couleur collection, that is exactly what you are getting! 

Light & Shadow offers 40 beautifully sheer gel colors that are perfect for every season of the year. Each bottle holds a HEMA-free, vegan, and cruelty-free gel formula that offers even coverage and a beautiful finish. And no Aprés Gel Couleur could be complete without Brush-X, our innovative brush that creates easier, more precise color application.

Are you ready to step into the story of Light & Shadow?

40 sheer gel color collection

Light & Shadow is a love story told through each season. The colors express the highs and lows, the moments of lightness and shadow, that all of us walk through at some point in our lives. 


soft spring themed sheer gel colors
Spring is when love first blossoms and all is bright and beautiful. With color names like, "Breathless", "Dear Diary", and "Catching Feelings", it's clear this is the season for stolen glances and heated blushes. 
Spring season's gel colors are soft pinks and nudes that would flatter every skin tone. These are the colors that are perfect for first dates, graduations, engagements, bridal showers, weddings—all the major life moments spring conjures up. Light & Shadow Spring set 10 color swatches


Light & Shadow summer gel colors
Summer is when like explodes into love. Passion makes the days hot and the nights hotter. With color names like, "Love Island", "Our Holy Night", "Lawn-ing For You", it's clear this is the season for declarations and everlasting promises. 
Summer season's gel colors are bright and fun tones that are often hard to find in a sheer formula. Soft sheer blue, green, purple, and yellow make this collection the perfect way to showcase summer on your nails without feeling like it will overwhelm you. 
Light & Shadow Summer 10 color swatch


Fall is when clouds roll in and winds suddenly blow cold. With color names like, "Cold Coffee", "Girl Dinner", and "Could've Should've Would've", it's clear that the road has become rocky and the words exchanged even rockier. 
Fall season's gel colors are warmer nudes and even burgundy red-browns. These are the colors that are perfect for the cooler season. Whether you're wearing these for gel colors for a job interview, a holiday party, or even couples counseling, these warmer, moodier colors are perfect for all those occasions and more.
Light & Shadow Fall 10 color swatch


Light & Shadow winter sheer gel colors
Winter can be frosty and cold but it is also a season of renewal, of new chances. With color names like, "Tearjerker", "Returning Horizon", and "Maybe...", it's clear this the light at the end of the tunnel is near and the two hearts have found their way back to each other again. 
Winter season's gel colors are cool toned neutrals such as cool browns and purple-grays. These are the colors that are perfect for ringing in the New Year, cozying up by the fire with loved ones, and renewing yourself for another year.
Light & Shadow Winter gel color swatches 
Light & Shadow is available in its entire 40 gel color collection, as 10 color seasonal sets, and as individual bottles. Or you can create a mix-and-match 5 color bundle from any season. 
This is a collection filled with colors that are sure to be perfect for any season, any reason.