Ombré Gel-X — A Totally New Way To Ombré

How To Create Perfect Ombré Nails

A classic ombré nail is a staple in every salon. But to perfect this look takes a lot of time and a lot of skill and STILL a lot could go wrong. Whether you choose to use a brush, a sponge, or an airbrush machine, it can be difficult to create this deceptively simple looking design perfectly and evenly and symmetrically across all ten fingers. 

Until, Ombré Gel-X. 

With Ombré Gel-X, you will be able to create flawless ombré nails every single time. And in half the time of any other method! 

Model wearing Ombre Gel-X Tips

What is Ombré Gel-X?

Ombré Gel-X is the newest member to the Aprés Gel-X Family. 

It is a Gel-X Tip with white gel injected into the mold of the tip to create the soft white gradient effect known as ombré. This means that the white gradient effect is part of the Gel-X Tip itself so unlike some competitors, the effect cannot be accidentally filed or scratched off. Once you apply Ombré Gel-X on your client, you and your client are safe in knowing that the effect will not chip or fade. 

Ombré Gel-X application is exactly the same as the Signature Gel-X application. If you are new to Gel-X, our Ombré Gel-X Kit includes all the items you will need to create a perfect Gel-X application. 

Once you apply Ombré Gel-X, you will apply a light coat of Aprés Gel Couleur in Vintage Carnation to the base end of the Gel-X Tip to create the classic pink fade. And since each bottle of Gel Couleur comes with Brush-X, a high quality nail art brush, creating this seamless fade is easy and quick. 
Brush-X applying Vintage Carnation onto Ombre Gel-X Tip
So what exactly are the benefits of Ombré Gel-X over other ombré methods?

Ombré Gel-X Is Fast

time comparison of Ombre Gel-X against other ombre methods
Whether you're creating the ombré effect with a sponge, gel, or airbrush machine, there's no method faster than Ombré Gel-X because the ombré effect is already inside the Gel-X Tip. Once you apply the Gel-X Tip, you are done! 
All you need to do is apply Vintage Carnation to the base end of the Gel-X Tip, apply Top Gelcoat, and then voila! You have a flawless and FAST ombré nail. 

Ombré Gel-X Is Easy

When first learning to create ombré nails, many nail artists must go through a period of trial and error to figure out which method works best for them. Then it can take months of practice before the technique is mastered. And even after mastering a technique, it still takes time to perform. Time that could be spent on additional nail art or for adding another client. 

Ombré Gel-X is as easy as Signature Gel-X...because the steps are exactly the same! Once you master the application, you have created an extension + nail art all in one step. And with Vintage Carnation's beautiful sheer formula, it's easy to create the natural pink fade to finish the look. 

Ombré Gel-X will make sure you never feel fear ever again when a client walks in and says casually, "Oh let's do something easy - an ombré!" 

Ombré Gel-X Is Flawless

Another challenge with traditional ombré is creating a smooth, untextured finish. With sponges, it's hard to not get a spackled and uneven finish. With airbrush, often times you can see the speckled drops of color across the nail. And with any method, it's also difficult to maintain the symmetry of ombré. One nail's gradient shouldn't start higher or lower than the next nail. And one nail's finish shouldn't look more or less opaque than the next nail. 

With Ombré Gel-X, you'll never have to worry about any of those issues. 

The white gradient effect has been injected into the Gel-X Tip creating a seamless, smooth ombré effect that is nearly impossible to achieve by hand. Ombré Gel-X ensures you will create a perfect ombré each and every time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the appointment such as additional art work or more detailed cuticle work. 

Aprés Ombre Gel-X Tip on a model

Ombré Gel-X Is Durable

Ombré Gel-X is made from the same patented soft gel formula as our Signature Gel-X. This means each Gel-X Tip is made from 100% soft gel that provide strength and structure while still being able to be easily soaked off. 

And unlike some competitors who have their ombré effect painted or printed on a tip, the white gradient effect of Ombré Gel-X cannot be filed off, scratched off, or chipped off. You can confidently apply Ombré Gel-X Tips without worrying of accidentally damaging the look. And clients can confidently walk out knowing their ombré will not chip or yellow. 

Ombré Gel-X Is Professional

Some professional nail techs feel hesitancy when they see a revolutionary product such as Ombré Gel-X. They worry their clients will feel it is 'cheating'. Or they worry they'll be accused of using a 'press-on'. 

But when an acrylic artist uses red acrylic powder to create red nails, would that be considered 'cheating' for skipping the step of applying red polish? When a nail tech uses a mold to create 3D charms, would that be considered 'cheating' for not making each tiny item by hand? When a nail tech uses an e-file, would that be considered 'cheating' for not performing each step of cuticle prep with pusher and hand file instead?

As long as clients can see they are walking out with amazing nails, they are happy with any tool their nail professional uses. 

Ombré Gel-X also allows for professional customization. The nail professional can pick a different color than Vintage Carnation if they feel another sheer color will match their client's skin tone. There are five other sheer Gel Couleurs (more if you include our newest collection, Light & Shadow!) that would match Ombré Gel-X beautifully. Use your creative eye to mix and match! 


Ombré Gel-X is a tool to help the nail professional provide their clients with better, faster, and even more beautiful results. 

Ombré Gel-X Is The New Way To Ombré

Don't let ombré nails intimidate you any longer! Master this classic look in less time and less stress with Ombré Gel-X.

Ombré Gel-X is offered in 210pc Gel-X Tip boxes in a variety of shapes and lengths. Refill bags are also available.