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Zoom Gel-X Prep 15ml

Gel-X Prep 15ml


We’ve made the easiest nail extension system even easier!
With Gel-X Prep, you can ensure maximum adhesion and strength without the trouble of etching the inside of the tip. No more dust, no more extra time! With a good scrub of our non-acid Gel-X Prep, the inside of the Gel-X tip will be properly chemically etched and ready for Extend Gel application. Gel-X Prep also works to prep the surface of the Gel-X tip after tip application, buffing and texturizing the surface to create the perfect base for color application. We’re not kidding around when we named this one Gel-X Prep! With one product, get ready to be able to perfectly prep the tip for Extend Gel AND perfectly prep the tip for color. Never has one bottle made life and Gel-X so much easier!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Stacy Abele
love this stuff

being able to dhecmixslly etch the j side of my gel-x tips is a HUGE time saver. not just the act of roughening up the inside of the tip. but when i used an e file the dust created from all 10
tips could never be completely cleaned away!! dust always seemed to appear randomly throughout every step after physically etching the tip with a drill lol

however i dislike this very simple mix of ethyl acetate and acetone only purchaseabke in a 15mL polish bottle. frankly that’s my biggest frustration with apres’ entire system is their refusal at worst or omission at best to the concept of re-purchasing products when you’re almost out with refill size and refill packaged products. i mean - if i was able to buy a 100mL refill in a squirt bottle of this prep (and all other products between french manicure gel x and gel x), i wouldnt be forced to buy these products in the same small single use quantities included in the beginning kit… it’s ridiculous. but apres nail structure outperforms every other copycat full cover system. the original and the best. however i no longer use extend gel for application because i can buy mega stick base from kokoist in 100mL refills :)


Gel-X Prep 15ml


I would get weeks of wear with my nails until I used this product. Don't bother, best to etch your nails by file, they won't pop off that way! I'm sure it's fine for applying polish over, but not to attach the nails.

Tien Huynh


Monet O'Neill
1000xs YES!!

It makes the prep so quick and mess free. I've started to make myself press on nails and not having to get my drill out is a dream. Will definitely buy again and again.