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Zoom Extend Gel Sensitive in Bottle Edition
Zoom Extend Gel Sensitive in Bottle Edition
Zoom Extend Gel Sensitive in Bottle Edition
Zoom Extend Gel Sensitive in Bottle Edition
Zoom Extend Gel Sensitive in Bottle Edition
Zoom Extend Gel Sensitive in Bottle Edition

Extend Gel Sensitive in Bottle Edition


Our signature Extend Gel has just gotten even more nail friendly! Our Extend Gel Sensitive is now available in a HEMA free formulation. What does that mean?

-less chance for allergic reactions
-less additives to the gel 
-more freedom to use Extend Gel confidently on a wide variety of clients!

Now anyone and everyone can confidently experience our revolutionary Gel-X™ system without worry of allergy or irritation!

What You Get:

  • 15mL bottle of Extend Gel Sensitive 
  • Easy application/ applicator
  • Easy removal

It is important to note that HEMA in small amounts is not harmful or dangerous. HEMA is a monomer that improves adhesion and creates a stronger, more durable hold. And Apres takes care to carefully formulate each product with just the right ratio of every ingredient. HEMA under 20% in any product is considered safe. Our original Extend Gel has less than 1%. But there are many nail professionals who prefer HEMA free products and we wanted to make that accommodation so that even more people can enjoy and use Apres products!

It takes 1-3 days to process all orders. If certain items are out of stock or waiting to be restocked this process can be delayed. Orders are shipped M-F every week with the exception of U.S. Federal holidays.

We do not ship to PO/APO boxes.

Due to the health and safety concerns, we DO NOT accept returns, refunds, or exchanges on any orders unless there is a manufacturer defect. Only submit a RMA request if you meet one of the following criteria:

•Received damaged items 
•Manufacture defects 
•Missing items from your order

No cancellations or changes to orders after being placed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Kenya Olivas
The best

I was suffering from dermatitis and was upset thinking I had to give up my gel x nails but after using the extend sensitive gel Viola! It helped and I longer have to give up my nails!

Rissa M.
HEMA free & fabulous!’

I wanted to switch to the HEMA free extend gel to test it out. Also because I’d like to prevent developing any kind of allergy to HEMA related gels. The HEMA free extend gel is JUST as strong & long lasting as the regular extend gel. I highly recommend it!!!

Veronica Ellis
Just What My Sensitive Nails Needed

I didn’t realize I was allergic to the regular formula until the second time I used it. I was going to discard everything when I saw the sensitive formula. Now my cuticles no longer hurt when I apply my gel x nails.

Lauren S
Extend Gel sensitive

This gel is amazing. Especially for clients who are allergic. Believe it or not I have a client who can’t have the regular extend gel because her fingers start burning and aching. So we started using the sensitive extend gel and she has no complaints and nails last 3+ weeks, no problems! Ig: @Beautynailsbyllo

Kelly Kivo
Worked fine.

Unfortunately my skin is still too sensitive for this formula. But it did adhere as it should.